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April 27, 2020


Medical translations

We support patients, physicians and companies in every form of international communication in the area of medicine — whether via professional translation of scientific texts or interpreting at medical conventions. EHLION offers solutions tailored specifically to your needs – we will be delighted to provide you with personalized consulting in this regard.

Borderless medical communication

Our specialist medical translations are distinguished by their outstanding quality, as they are prepared exclusively by native speakers who combine their qualifications as translators with expertise in medicine and fields related to medicine. This enables our translators to successfully meet every challenge – from the translation of diagnoses and physicians’ reports into the native languages of the patients, the translation of clinical studies as well as the complete spectrum of corporate communication of multinational companies.

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With our language services, EHLION also provides support for events aimed at international and specialist audiences. Our specialist interpreters interpret presentations and contributions to discussions. During continuing education seminars and symposia, our language professionals do consecutive interpreting to ensure that your participants from around the globe can follow the presentations properly. We recommend simultaneous interpreting for interactive continuing education events so that your international guest can take an active part in the discussions.

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Better consistency with terminology management

Few disciplines can compete with the richness and complexity of the specialist terms used in medicine and its various areas of specialization. The language of clinical studies and informed consent forms differs markedly from the specialist terms used in internal medicine, and ophthalmology terminology is completely distinct from oncology terminology. Our terminology management services are designed to help medical professionals and companies ensure consistency, clarity and quality across all languages.

EHLION | Our services, our languages

Bacteria and viruses have no trouble crossing borders – yet cross-border communication all too often falls at the hurdle of linguistic and cultural differences. That’s where we come in: As a full-service agency, EHLION prides itself on being a professional and reliable partner in all areas of international communication. We offer customers in the medical arena an extensive range of services including high-quality specialized translations, terminology creation, professional implementation of localization projects for websitesapps and software, and DTP and typesetting of your foreign-language materials. In addition to German and English, EHLION’s language portfolio includes all European Union languages such as EstonianFrenchGreekItalianPolishSlovakian and Hungarian. Moreover, our qualified specialists will also translate your texts into and out of ChineseRussian or Turkish. You can always rely on us: At EHLION, quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.

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